“Art is a harmony parallel with nature.”

- Paul Cezanne

“We completely turn off the heater between April and October now. With the solar tax credit our estimated payback period is eight years.”

-John Mulgrew, homeowner
Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation saves energy.

What percentage your energy bill goes to heating and cooling costs?

View the bill break-down and see how a retractable roof saves you money.

Energy Use

As much as half of home energy use goes to heating and cooling.

Source: EnergyStar.gov

Turn the fresh breeze on and the A/C off—and save on your energy bills

On warm days, open your roof to vent hot air and create a cooling draft.

On cold days, your roof works like a greenhouse, creating a sun blanket on the ceiling that slows the cooling of interior air.

Energy-efficient, low-e glass on a Rollamatic roof helps reflect heat on hot days and keep it from escaping on cold ones.

Live Naturally, Connected to Nature

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

-John Muir


Boost Your Mood

Sunlight is the perfect remedy for depression and low motivation.

Get More Done

Natural Light improves your focus and ability to produce high-quality work.

Sleep Better

Natural light has a positive effect on your circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.

Add Living Space, Add Value.

Turn an atrium, courtyard, or rooftop into functional square footage and add value to your home. A Rollamatic retractable roof is a reliable return on investment.

The Most Durable Part of Your Roof

Galvanized steel is lightweight yet rock-solid. Unlike retractable roofs made from lighter-gauge aluminum, a Rollamatic roof stays strong and rust-free for decades. You’ll wish the rest of your roof would last as long.

Today’s Forecast: Dry Inside

We’ve been fine-tuning our manufacturing know-how for almost 60 years. And that’s why we can offer our exclusive water-tight guarantee.

Low Maintenance Beauty

Let the fresh air in with the flip of a switch or tap on the app. Our direct drive system is smooth, quiet, and virtually maintenance free compared to cable drive, rack and pinion, or gear mechanisms.


Fire & Life Safety

A Rollamatic connected to life safety systems opens automatically so fire fighters can get more water in while more smoke evacuates.

Easy Cargo Access

A large retractable roof provides a creative yet practical way to move heavy cargo in and out of warehouses, hangers, and more.

Reduce HVAC Loads

The right design coupled with a Rollamatic reduces the requirements for expensive conventional HVAC systems.

“A Rollamatic operable skylight bathed my house in natural sunlight, added exceptional air quality, and definitely wowed my guests. Since then, I have installed 10 for clients and have five pending projects.”

-John Andrews, Architect and General Contractor, Andrews Group Architects

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