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Commercial Retracting Roof Access


 Suppose you’re set on growing your service area, but you have no horizontal space at your disposal.
In that case, you could consider opening your roof space.

For over 60 years, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs create stunning, retracting roof access systems. Suppose you’ve dreamt of expanding the capacity of your establishment by tapping into unused space by building a rooftop deck. In that case, Rollamatic can help you provide a “wow” experience that will make your business more memorable to your customers.

Invite clients and guests to a rooftop experience through a memorable roof access.

Your rooftop can function as an extra dining room, a roomier bar, a dance-centric club, or as a space for events that are too large to fit indoors. Your intended use will dictate some of your construction decisions.

Design Considerations

Height Restrictions

Implementing a Rollamatic retractable roof is an excellent way to access a rooftop deck without triggering a height concern. If height restrictions are a concern, we can collaborate on a low-profile design that will satisfy operational requirements.

A Retractable Needs a Place to Retract

A typical retractable roof access system may be 4′ wide by 11′ long. Your architect will consider issues like available space and traffic flow when determining the direction of travel.



Building code requires curbs around rooftop openings to prevent moisture from getting in. Curb requirements will be specified in the design shop drawings that Rollamatic provides. Our curb requirements are similar what is needed for a traditional skylight, making it easy for contractors to execute.

What We Can Do

Accommodate When Space is Limited for Retracting


Configure to Retract in Short or Long Direction


Open in Sections or Glide as a Single Unit

Custom Design and Engineering

Example Commercial Roof Access Project

How to Get Started

For more information about commercial retractable roof access systems, contact us. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us by phone or online – we look forward to hearing from you!

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