Residential Atriums


It’s True – Gorgeous Atriums Create a More Cheerful Home

Today, you can turn a courtyard or atrium into much more than just a large light well that sits at the heart of your home.

Once a common feature in ancient Roman buildings, they are less common in the U.S today. However, a growing number of practicing architects are once again incorporating atriums into their designs, partly due to the popularity of homes built by Joseph Eichler.

Bring the Outdoors In

Atriums add a new dimension to your space; rooms become larger, air flows in a freer fashion, and more light enters your home. And what’s more, atriums fit with any design scheme. From rustic to ultra modern, an atrium with a retractable glass roof is perfect no matter your style.

Health Benefits

Those living in homes with an atrium are bathed with sunlight, helping to combat seasonal stress. In addition, secondary rooms with access to the glass windows receive a satisfying and natural illumination level, perfect for creating a Zen-like meditation space.

You Don’t Need To Fear Hot Or Cold

Whether you live in a cold climate or a warm one, there will be times when you would like to enclose your atrium and others when you would like to leave it open to fresh air. Neither a fixed skylight nor an open design can adapt to changing weather and seasons. The answer a retractable glass roof. Our custom retractable roof systems bring spaces to life and add value to your home. They open up to let in beautiful, warm weather and close up when it’s cold or raining, offering owners year-round enjoyment in unique, naturally lit dramatically beautiful spaces.

What We Can Do

Accommodate When Space is Limited for Retracting


Configure to Retract in Short or Long Direction


Open in Sections or Glide as a Single Unit

Custom Design and Engineering

Retractable Atrium Roof Examples

A retractable glass roof can be engineered for just about any type of residential atrium, including both flat and peaked roofs.

60 Years Of Experience

With the help of Rollamatic's professional team, you can have an awe-inspiring space that will make your home stand out. And we just love how cool they look! So why choose Rollamatic? The year was 1958, and homebuilder David S. Miller wanted to add year-round livability to the popular atrium spaces he designed. So, he built a fully automatic retractable roof for the center courtyard of a Diamond Heights house in San Francisco. Over 60 years and 2,400 installations later, Rollamatic is still a family-run business with a passion for art and architecture.