Retractable pool roof

Residential And Commercial Retractable Pool Roofs

Create An Indoor Pool Paradise

A Rollamatic Retractable Roof will transform your indoor pool into a paradise of natural light and fresh air. Want to transform that outdoor pool into a year-round haven that still feels connected to the surroundings? We can work with your contractor to create a custom retractable glass roof system for a new pool enclosure to accomplish your goals. With the push of a button you’ll be able to close your retractable roof to stay protected from the elements. It’s the best of both worlds!

Swim All Year Round

A retractable glass roof for your pool enclosure will provide enjoyment of your valuable pool through all four seasons of the year. Homeowners, condominium communities, and hotel owners are unable to use their outdoor pools when the weather is inclement or during the colder months. A retractable roof would make it possible for you, your residents, or your guests to swim year-round, rain or shine.

The combination of the radiant heat from the pool, the greenhouse effect, and the heat from any secondary source will provide more than enough warmth, creating a pleasant environment for swimming – even on the chilliest days of winter.

Customers Will Love Your Pool

If you run a commercial pool or water park, rooftop terrace, or hotel, you know you’ll lose revenue when inclement weather requires you to close an outdoor pool or restrict access. If you operate an indoor pool, a retractable glass roof will completely transform the experience for your customers or residents. There’s no substitute for the natural light and fresh air a Rollamatic retractable roof allows into an enclosed space.

Save on Energy Costs

When you add a retractable glass roof to your pool, you control when to allow fresh air in and when to retain the air you’ve spent so much to heat or cool.

What We Can Do

Accommodate When Space is Limited for Retracting


Configure to Retract in Short or Long Direction


Open in Sections or Glide as a Single Unit

Custom Design and Engineering

Retractable Roof Over Pool Examples

A retractable glass roof can be engineered for a wide variety of roof geometries or pool enclosures.

60 Years Of Experience

With the help of Rollamatic's professional team, you can have an awe-inspiring space that will make your home or business stand out. And we just love how cool they look! So why choose Rollamatic? The year was 1958, and homebuilder David S. Miller wanted to add year-round livability to the popular atrium spaces he designed. So, he built a fully automatic retractable roof for the center courtyard of a Diamond Heights house in San Francisco. Over 60 years and 2,400 installations later, Rollamatic is still a family-run business with a passion for art and architecture.