When you think of a custom retractable roofs, you may imagine baseball stadiums and amphitheaters. Well, you’re not far off – the only difference is that they can be designed and built on a smaller scale for your commercial property or even your home. Because they facilitate ventilation and healthy air flow, their popularity has been growing over the past few years.

Given that just about any building is a good candidate for a custom retractable roofs, you’re probably wondering what it takes to design and build one for you. Read on to learn how Rollamatic has built durable, custom retractable roofs for customers for over 60 years.

Why Choose Rollamatic?

  • No two buildings or properties are the same. That’s why each retractable roof is designed and built to suit the specific needs of the location, structure, and owner.
  • From the initial design through final installation and maintenance, we keep your goals in mind. We’ll spend time with you to learn about the purpose of your roof, the climate you live in, and any other important factors before recommending the best configuration for your home or business.
  • We’ll also advise you on the type of materials that are best for your roof. And we’ll guide you through the entire process, from start to finish, to make sure everything progresses smoothly.
  • We can design a retractable roofs for all types of buildings, including restaurants, observatories, commercial offices, industrial facilities, and residential homes. We work with architects and contractors or directly with home or business owners.

Our Custom Retractable Roofs Process

Our 6-step process includes: 


In our explore phase, we talk with you about the project from start to finish. Here, we discuss your budget, lifestyle or business, the desired timeline, and your project goals to ensure that, together, we chart a course to realize your vision.


Next, we will delve into retractable roofs layout, engineering, and project feasibility. This will allow us to see what is possible with the current structure and what changes might be required for the desired layout.


In the planning phase, we will render a detailed proposal that spells out the design plan, materials, rough timeline, and how the custom retractable roof must be updated to receive the retractable roof section. Even though the proposal will be tailored to meet your unique requirements, the design will incorporate the robust retractable roof engineering that is a hallmark of Rollamatic. We never deviate from our proven design principles that will ensure a long-lasting, trouble-free product.


After we have developed your custom design and build plan, we will review it with you to ensure that it meets your goals and budget, then make any adjustments. Once you accept the proposal, we develop detailed shop drawings and confirm the project schedule. Your vision starts its journey toward reality!


The build phase begins with guiding your building contractor to prepare the custom retractable roof and electrical systems to ensure a seamless installation and water-tight fit. On our end, we will begin fabricating your custom, retracting roof. To maximize reliability, we minimize the use of pulleys, chains, and other moving parts. Your roof will include a) on-board, direct-drive motors, b) quiet, durable, industrial-grade wheels, c) perimeter frames made of lightweight, strong galvanized or stainless steel box-beam construction, and d) high-quality insulated, tempered, laminated, glazing with a low-e treatment if preferred. We always use the best materials for the individual project’s climate and geography.

It is important to note that we fully fabricate, assemble, and test the roof system in our facility to ensure proper fit and function. We then disassemble it for painting and ultimate transportation to your site for reassembly and installation.


Now for the fun part! The install phase is when we get to deliver, install, and commission your custom retractable roof. We are dedicated to making sure that you are happy with the results and trained in operating your one-of-a-kind retracting roof or roof access unit. We stand by our work with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Rollamatic Has You Covered

Because of the quality of materials we use and our experience in design and fabrication, we have many custom retractable roof units over 60 years old that are still in operation. Are you ready to get your project started? Call 800-345-7392, or use our contact form, to schedule a free consultation. Let’s start discussing your project idea!