Eichler homes have been a symbol of California living since the 1950s, and they’re an integral part of the state’s architectural history. Eichlers were designed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which provide an open living space and beautiful views for optimal livability. They became an instant hit with those looking for elegance and sophistication in their lifestyle by incorporating natural light with simple and clean design elements. You can read more about their history here.

Since an essential aspect of the design was to “bring the outdoors in,” many Eichler homes include atriums open to the sky. With all the positives this feature delivers, a clear negative has been the exposure of that precious floor space to weather. Read on to learn how installing a retractable atrium roof can benefit your quality of life at home, health, and lifestyle. 

Benefits of Installing a Retractable Atrium Roof in an Eichler Home


Eichler retractable atrium roofA Retractable Atrium Roof Can Add Covered Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space is a luxury that many homeowners long for, but it can be challenging to find the right balance of function and style. A retractable atrium roof offers a beautiful and practical solution by providing an elegant and weather-proof barrier that can transform your outdoors into an extension of your home. The roof can be designed to fully retract in most cases, leaving the original benefit of a truly open atrium intact.

A Retractable Atrium Roof Helps Protect You from the Elements

Since retractable atrium roof are moveable and can be closed, they offer protection from the rain or extreme temperatures. Even when it’s not raining, a retractable roof can be designed with a tinted glass option to protect you and your belongings from harsh sunlight that can damage your home or furniture.

A Retractable Atrium Roof Is a Low-Maintenance Feature

A retractable atrium roof is a low-maintenance feature for your home. All of the mechanics are built into the roof, and as it’s made from durable materials that are resistant to damage from inclement weather and extreme temperatures. Read more about how robust engineering practices here.

It Saves On Energy, and Saves You Money

One of the best reasons to invest in a retractable roof is that it will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space all year round, saving on heating and cooling costs in the winter and summer months. 

Selectively opening and closing your retractable roof can help you control temperature and humidity in your home without the need for HVAC systems to even turn on.

A Retractable Atrium Roof Increases the Value of Your Home

Retractable roofs are an excellent way to turn your atrium into a functional, usable space. When you have a retractable roof on your atrium, it becomes a distinguishing feature that can be admired by everyone who visits. Additionally, a retractable roof adds value to your home and can be a wow factor if you ever list it for sale in the future.

Ready for a Retractable Atrium Roof on Your Eichler Home?

Installing a retractable roof on your atrium is a great way to get the best of both worlds: the convenience of an indoor space with the natural beauty of the outdoors. With so many benefits, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.

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