Larkspur Landing Commercial Atrium

Larkspur Landing commercial tenants enjoy fresh air and natural light. Large bi-parting retractable roof was installed when the building was constructed in 1985 and is one of the building highlights to this day.

Create a dependable, retracting glass roof that would match the building’s scale while enhancing the experience for tenants and visitors.

Working with the original architect and builder, we designed a bi-parting retracting roof to match a planned 6-sided atrium shape. The large amount of glass floods the center of the building with natural light year round, and fresh air when weather permits — which is often.

The option to open the roof helps keep cooling costs down in summer, while still allowing passive solar heating benefits in winter. Moreover, this iconic feature of the property enhances quality of life for tenant companies, making it a more attractive property when it comes time to lease space.