San Francisco Public Pool

Retractable glass roof brings natural light, architectural interest, and fresh air (when the weather cooperates) to North Beach public pool.

Originally constructed shortly after the 1906 earthquake, the iconic North Beach public pool was enclosed in the 1950s. When a renovation of the pool, pool building, and surrounding park areas was undertaken in the early 2000s, the goal was to create a community hub.

To bring light and fresh air into the pool building, home to 2 pools, a 60′ long by 10′ wide section of roof was opened to the sky then covered with a two 20′ long operable glass roof sections at either end and a 20′ fixed section in the middle.

Since 2004 this operable glass roof has allowed the operators of the pool to protect swimmers from inclement weather while enjoying natural light (and the energy savings that comes with basking the pool in “free” sunlight) or allow fresh air to circulate through 400 sq. ft of opening.