A retractable glass roof is an excellent addition to many types of homes and commercial facilities. When it is open, you can enjoy the benefits of natural light and fresh air without sacrificing the ability to protect your space from the weather.

But you might have wondered, will a retractable glass roof leak? When you’re considering opening a hole in your roof, the first thing that comes to mind is whether rain or snow will creep in and cause water damage.

We sometimes do not think about this valid question because we’ve been doing this for so long and have over 2,000 installations under our belts. But of course we understand why people ask.

How We Ensure Maximum Protection from Weather

These practices have allowed us to ensure the successful installation and durability of thousands of retractable roofs for our customers over our decades in the industry:

  • Shop drawings must reflect code-compliant, weather-proof curbs and flashings, which direct the flow of water away from seams. In addition, our team is familiar with building codes across the country.
  • Our designs and manufacturing methods are informed by deep experience in a wide variety of climates.
  • Our process at Rollamatic is to work in conjunction with builders and contractors to ensure proper installation of curbs and water-tight flashing.
  • We carefully install glass and glass capture systems using premium, long-lasting materials.
  • Our designs include redundant weather stripping — ensuring that even strong, wind-driven rain is kept out.
  • We incorporate approaches to the design and manufacture of our products tested over decades of use that ensure durability and dependability. These robust engineering methods are a hallmark of our products.

Benefits of a Retractable Roof

A retractable roof is an excellent solution for a homeowner or business owner who wants to make the most of their outdoor space, like a rooftop deck, or bring the outdoors in. They are growing in popularity because they have several positive benefits:

  • Energy efficiency. They reduce the need for running fans or the AC during hot days because they provide a more natural ventilation system, which helps keep your monthly utility bill lower.
  • Versatility. Retractable roofs ensure that homes or offices remain cool during the scorching summer months. In the winter, they provide insulation from the cold.
  • Safety. Retractable glass roofs allow you to enjoy the benefits of an open window without worrying about your pet escaping. They also provide a safe means to let in cool air without worrying about your safety or people peering into your home.
  • Beauty. Retractable glass roofs offer unobstructed views of the outdoors.
  • Return on investment. Retractable roofs add value and modern aesthetics to your home’s value and selling point.

Ready for a Retractable Glass Roof? We Have You Covered

Rollamatic has installed thousands of units over the years. Even though our customers have faced recent “atmospheric river events” in California and unexpected deep freezes in places like Texas, they have not experienced any leak issues with our products.

Our experience of over 60 years and installation of thousands of systems allows us to confidently offer a 5-year warranty on each unit, including our Dry Inside Guarantee. In the (unlikely) event of a leak, we will help identify the source and fix it (if the Rollamatic is the problem) at no charge to you. 

We’re pretty confident in our approach to operable roof systems. Customers dating back to the early 1960s still enjoy trouble-free use of their Rollamatics! Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information or to set up a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.